Cookware & Kitchen Items

Aebleskivers anyone?! We carry many difficult to find kitchen items ranging from Swedish Almond Cake pans and trays, pizelle bakers, cookie presses and cookie cutters, cheese slicers and cheese boards, tea and coffee making supplies, cutting boards, wine bottle openers and stoppers, and of course, Aebleskiver pans (a puffy round Danish pancake)….the list goes on! Be sure to check out our event schedule for an upcoming cooking demonstration or tasting! You definitely won’t want to miss out on a delicious slice of almond cake!
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19 North Main Street
Concord, NH 0330l
Fax 603-228-2038
Outside of NH 1-888-377-6403

Store Hours

Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat
9:30am - 6pm

9:30am - 7pm